Welcome to L2 PrideReborn
29/3/2019 - Grand Opening
The server will open at the 12th of April 2019 20:00 GMT +2. Get ready for a unique experience !
24/3/2019 - S84 Epic
L2 Pride Reborn will be the first server that is going to have S84 Epic weapons functional. Unique designs with special abilities that you have never seen before. These end game items have always been the holy grail of L2Pride. Will you be the first one to hold them?
[Update] - Farm Zones - Boosted Drop Rates
[Update] - Farm Zones - Added Mobs
[Update] - Farm Zones - Items - Added S84 Epic
[Update] - Farm Zones - Items - Fixed Balance Issues
[Update] - Farm Zones - Items - Fixed Minor Bugs
[Update] - Farm Zones - RaidBosses - Fixed Scripts